About Us


We know that you get to choose how and where you spend your hard earned dollar. Our goal when we launched our company was to bring joy and comfort without compromising on quality and integrity. Our decision to be an "inclusive" brand from day 1 was not by accident.

 At Rainbow Slides, we feel the world is in a crazy place, with less and less love, kindness and empathy for one another, whether it be a neighboring country or the neighbour next door. We want to remind everyone that we are ALL human, and we are ALL in this together, regardless of nationality, skin colour, age, gender or sexual orientation, which is why we chose to stand with and for the colours of the rainbow, ... in Rainbow Slides.

 We hope you will choose to show the love of all the things that represent equality, and inclusivity, and "wear the love".... with Rainbow Slides.

 A portion of all our profits are donated to the following charities:

 The Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity

The Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity (CCGSD) works to empower gender and sexually diverse communities through education, research, and advocacy. CCGSD runs nation-wide educational programming to schools, governmental, and non-governmental organizations and businesses promoting diversity, inclusion, and anti-discrimination.
Education through interactive, discussion-based workshops and training sessions.

  • Immersive conferences and forums that seek to empower youth through mentorship, leadership, and education.
  • Awareness-based resource development and implementation.


Rainbow Harmony Project

Rainbow Harmony Project is a choir of LGBTQ2* community members and allies dedicated to encouraging social change, building relationships and expressing and celebrating their diverse identities and experiences through the power of song. Creating a world where diversity is lived through singing and community building.

 RHP is guided by values of community, diversity, inclusivity, respect, growth, visibility, and education. We provide social and fellowship experiences for building community and enriching the lives of our members; we celebrate diversity in our membership, audience, and in the music we sing; we strive to be a safe and welcoming place to those who hold our values and wish to join our community; we hold in high regard the integrity and dignity of every person that is connected to our choir and strive to demonstrate that; we facilitate opportunities for our members to learn and grow both musically and personally; we perform to diverse audiences in and around our community to continue to break down the foundations of homophobia, transphobia, and other injustices; and we seek to educate others and ourselves about LGBTQ2* culture, history and lived experiences.